About Us

Azure Beauty Salon and Body Care was established in August 2010. The salon offers clients a relaxing and calming atmosphere. All treatments are performed to a high professional standard using products of high quality. The therapists main aim is to ensure that your treatments are carried out to your highest expectations. Azure Beauty salon is all about a one on one pampering, whole body and mind experience.

All treatments are carried out by Kaitlyn Marneweck. She studied at Camelot International from 2008 till 2009. She also received her international diplomas with CIDESCO and ITEC.

Camelot cidesco Itec


Spa Etiquette

  • Be punctual. Treatment times will be shortened due to late arrivals.
  • Please make the therapist aware of any medical problems before the start of the treatment – this means if you are on any medication, have high blood pressure, any heart conditions, recently had surgery , joint or muscle injuries, are pregnant, have epilepsy, have eczema or psoriasis, or have recently been sunburnt.

Cancellation Policies

  • Cancellations must be made at least 6 hours before treatment time.
  • Don’t be late. Like mentioned before treatment times will be shortened due to late arrivals.

Payment Policies

  • Copy of proof of payment needs to be produced before the start of treatments.
  • EFT payments may be done at the salon.